1. What is Hanggy Food?

It is a platform provided by “Hanggy Singapore pte ltd” (UEN: 201917958K) to promote Home Sellers.

2. Can I Sell from Home? Do I need to take care of anything?

Yes, you can sell Home Cooked Food from Home. Yes, you need to ensure, neighbors are not disturbed, it is at small scale, No recruiting of employees, No loading/unloading vans/trucks, No sign boards/paid ads, Food made is of high standards, etc. Please refer below link https://singaporelegaladvice.com/law-articles/home-baked-goods-licence-singapore

3. Is there any charge to onboard the platform?

No, it is totally free

4. Are there any charges when I get an order?

Payment by Cash directly to the seller is not chargeable. For orders with e-Payments (Cards, Bank Transfers, etc) a small fee for Banking and operations is charged at 5% or 1$, whatever is higher.
Eg 1: Order is of 15$, charges will be 1$ (Higher of 1$ and 15*0.05=0.75$)
Eg 2: Order is of 25$, charges will be 1.25$ (Higher of 1$ and 25*0.05=1.25$)

5. I am new to this, how can I get an order?

Hanggy encourages new sellers with discounted delivery charges, etc at no cost. Contact Relationship Manager assigned to you or Telegram on +65 9162 8075

6. I need help/have queries, how to reach?

Please contact Relationship Manager assigned to you or Telegram on +65 9162 8075

7. Do you also promote? Are there any charges?

Currently we only promote meals (lunch and dinner) in all 4 categories (Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western).

Charged to customer at 12.5/23.5/32.5$ for 1/2/3 pax meals and settled to seller at 6.8$ per meal.

No extra charges to seller or buyer and Hanggy manages delivery.

You can upsell snacks, cakes, puffs, etc along at your price. We deliver it along with meals at no charges and the entire amount (excluding 5% for e payment charges) is paid to the seller.

If interested please reach out to the Relationship manager or Telegram +65 9162 8075.

We will arrange for 1 meal pickup from your place for testing and quantity validation as per standards.

Going forward you need to share your availability for next week (monday to sunday) for lunch/dinner by previous saturday.

For lunch, You need to share meny by 5pm the previous day for us to promote, order closes 11pm previous day and delivery pickup from seller place at 10am.

For dinner, menu by 10am, order close 2pm, pickup at 5pm on same day.

Last Updated: 5th June 2021 Subject to changes.